Why Use WordPress? 7 Top Reasons You Should Use WordPress

Ever you have been asked, Why use WordPress? What is WordPress and how does it work? What are the benefits of WordPress? You may have asked many such questions about WordPress.

Blogging is an interactive way to publish content on the web. There is various platform/software for publishing articles, including WordPress.org (self-hosted), WordPress.com, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, LiveJournal, etc. In this post, I want to walk you through discuss why I use self-hosted WordPress platform for blogging.

To blog only for mental satisfaction, it is possible to use any platform or free websites. But when it is a source of income, then it is not wise to neglect about the platform. In case of blogging, it is necessary to keep an eye on advantage of posting, structure of the website, search engine optimization, maintenance and use of advertises. To fulfill all those advantages using of WordPress is the wisest.

No other platform can give you such benefit if you have a domain and small hosting. Here are my points for the newcomers in blogging.

Open source and hosting price

WordPress is definitely the best open source software and can be used as free. So there is no extra charge with hosting bill. Moreover, PHP/MySQL are using WordPress that are free and open source too. For this reason, you don’t need to use costly windows hosting. Any easy available Linux hosting can run this software.

Easily usable

WordPress is the best from the moment of installing to post a blog and from changing design to keeping backup. There are informative tutorials on every task. Each button and shell are self-explanatory. Someone may ask that he has not learnt programming so how can he try blogging or what programming language is needed to blog. We can say in reply that it is not required to learn language to use WordPress.

Design with variation

For WordPress site we use template/theme. Thousands of free and premium themes are available if searched by google. And WordPress theme library is also rich in their own themes. Nowadays it is very easy to install theme is WordPress. It can be installed in just two clicks. It will be good for you if you learn HTML, CSS and PHP. You can design your own theme or customize any existing theme.

The best plugin storage

We use plugin to get extra advantages that is not built in with WordPress. I think, these plugins made WordPress more popular. Almost all kinds of plugins that is needed from pasting advertise to search engine optimization is available. And installing plugin is as easy as like installing theme.

Search engine optimization

I personally believe that, WordPress is the best in search engine optimization from its competitor Joomla and Drupal. Its site navigation, adding categorized meta tag, pinging, design without table, effective use of H1, H2 and other advantages made it the best one. Besides having some plugins for optimization brings 100% success in blogging.

Using advertises easily

We discussed in earlier that WordPress is an open source software. So, it is possible to change its source code at any time of someone’s willing. It is possible to place advertise in suitable place. In this way advertising looks nice and get maximum clicks. Those who do not know coding can use suitable plugins so that the advertise goes to the right place to look good. Advertise like AdSense, AdBright, Amazon associates etc is easy to show in WordPress where it is difficult to put in blogger.

Regular update

I think, no other software release update as fast as WordPress. Each update ensures its requirements and safety. We can say a lot about WordPress but you cannot realize its benefits until you use it. I am using it in all of my websites and blogs. Someone might say that I did not use other software and so I have no idea about others. In reply I can say that, WordPress can fulfill 100% of my requirements. Therefore, I do not feel to use other software.

At last, I am welcoming all to the World of WordPress. Happy blogging everyone! Don’t forget to like & share this post if you like wordpress!

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