Secure WordPress Website: The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide

WordPress is a popular CMS and day by day it’s being popular. As a WordPress lover or user, you can have a question how to secure WordPress website? Of course, there is some weak point for WordPress security. So it is very important for us to keep our WordPress blog secured. Today I am sharing some materials relating to WordPress security and some mistakes that might be happened just after installing new WordPress.

More over here are some essential WordPress security tips, which will help you to keep your blog safe and secure. So, let us proceed-

Administrator Username:

After completing setup with WordPress generally almost everyone has made a mistake. Usually they like to place the word ‘admin’ as username; you must not make this mistake because this ‘admin’ is such a word that provides hacker favorable condition and opportunity to hack a particular web site or blog. So, again it is expressed never use ‘admin’ as username for your blog or web site. However, if you have already made this mistake, don’t get upset. Just logged in dashboard and create a new administrator username with a different name, then delete the ‘admin’ username.

WordPress Version:

Always, you must use latest version of WordPress, suppose if the current wordpress version is 4.6 you must install the 4.6 version; never install 4.1 or 4.2; it might cause trouble to install new themes or plugins, also there can be security vulnerability.

Hosting Space:

Though only 25 Megabyte space is needed to setup WordPress but you must take minimum 50 Megabyte space to setup WordPress, out of this 50 Megabyte 25 Megabyte will be taken to set up WordPress and the rest space get remain blank. Never setup WordPress by taking less than the mentioned space other than entire web site often crashes, including the website database.

Database Backup:

After the creation of the website, of course, you should keep the WordPress database backup. For the backups you can use ‘wp-db backup’ plugin. This plugin will backup your database every day, as well as it will send the backup file to your mail.

Theme or Plugin Source:

There are two types of themes available for WordPress website, paid theme and the free theme, usually paid themes can be up to $10 to $250. You can use any one; however, if you search on Google you will get nulled version of every premium theme. But you must not use those themes. Because of the presence of huge bug and hacking scripts encrypted with those themes, which means when you will use this theme you create risk for your website being hacked around 99.99 percent. If you like to use theme, it is better to use the free theme available with 51 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes.

WordPress Configuration File:

WordPress configuration file contains all information pertaining to your WordPress and password. That means you could realize how important a thing it is. Now if someone gets able to hold your file under his possession then it will take only one minute for him to hack your web site completely, so you must keep the file hide anyhow. To do this go to your hosting .htaccess file, enter the following code:

<Files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

After that none could able to find the configuration file of your website.

If you know any other useful WordPress security method and essential tips to share please do let us know via comment. Do let us know one tip, which method you follow to keep secure WordPress website?

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