How to Hire WordPress Technical Support Engineer

Hiring a WordPress Technical Support Engineer involves a series of steps to ensure you find a candidate with the right skills and qualifications. Here’s a step-by-step guide: 1. Define the Role: Clearly outline the responsibilities and tasks the WP Technical Support Engineer will handle. This might include: 2. Identify Required Skills and Qualifications: Determine the … Read more

Dokan Black Friday Deals | WeDevs deals

WeDevs offer Innovative tools to empower businesses around the world. Are you looking for a WeDevs Black Friday SALE offer? Are you looking for Dokan Black Friday offer? Then this article will help you to get the best deal on your black Friday orders. UP to 50% OFF – Wedevs Black Friday Offers On Black Friday, Wedevs is … Read more

WP Project Manager Plugin Review & Black Friday Deals (2023)

To save time by automating tasks, to improve communication and collaboration between team members, to increase your team’s productivity and to better manage your projects you need a WordPress project management plugin. The WP Project Manager Plugin is a powerful tool designed to streamline project management within your WordPress website. In this review, I’ll explore … Read more

Attribute or ACF? Which Is better?

Choosing between Attributes and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) in WordPress and WooCommerce is a pivotal decision that significantly influences how you structure and present content on your website. Attributes, inherent to WooCommerce, excel in organizing and categorizing e-commerce products, providing structured data for product variations, and enhancing SEO. On the other hand, ACF offers unparalleled … Read more

Is there any problem if I delete pingback comment?

Deleting pingback comments should not significantly impact SEO, as they are not directly related to search engine ranking factors. However, it’s essential to understand what pingbacks are, how they work, and their potential impact on your website. What are Pingback Comments? Pingbacks are a feature in WordPress that allows one website to notify another when … Read more

WP User Frontend Pro Review (2023)

WP User Frontend pro review

What if you could publish posts and do other necessary tasks without logging into the WordPress dashboard? Yes, it is possible by the WordPress frontend plugin. These plugins offer convenience, efficiency, and a user-friendly experience, enabling you to manage your website seamlessly from the front-end. 💲 Price > Free (always free)> Personal package $49/year 💡 … Read more

Best WooCommerce POS Plugin: wePOS Review

wePOS plugin review

WooCommerce POS Plugin can save a lot of time for store owners as they can manage both online and offline sales from a single platform. This plugin can be used to generate barcodes, create invoices, manage stock, and track sales. wePOS is one of the best WordPress POS plugins available in the market. It is … Read more

7 Best Education Joomla Templates of 2023

If you’re in the field of education and looking to create a professional and engaging website, these templates are here to help. Specifically designed for schools, colleges, universities, online courses, and other educational institutions, these Joomla templates offer a range of features and functionalities. From clean and modern designs to responsive layouts and customizable options, … Read more

10+ Best Travel Joomla Templates of 2023

Creating a responsive and user-friendly travel website by Joomla has never been easier. My handpicked selection of the best Joomla templates offers a seamless combination of stunning designs and cutting-edge functionalities, providing you with endless possibilities for customization. Whether you’re in the business of hotels, bookings, travel, tourism, vacation rentals, or travel blogging, I have … Read more

Hostinger Review 2023: Pricing, Pros-Cons & More

Hostinger stands out as an excellent option whether you’re seeking to transfer your website from a costly hosting provider. Or aiming to launch a new website with a reliable, fast and cost-effective hosting service. Additionally, we highly recommend Hostinger for individuals in search of a beginner-friendly hosting platform. 4.9 Unlimited Hosting: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5) Free Domain: … Read more

NordVPN Review (2023): Is it Best VPN?

nordvpn review, is it best vpn

NordVPN is a popular choice for keeping your online stuff private and secure. It’s got lots of users all over the world, and experts really like it. Here’s why: It’s super fast, has lots of servers all around the world, keeps your stuff safe, and lets you watch and download things without any problems. This … Read more

Best WordPress Hosting in 2023: Reviews and Comparison

Best WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress Hosting! Yes, choosing the perfect hosting for your WordPress website is the first step to success in your online career.  By choosing a reliable WordPress hosting your site will be high performing, secure, improve your SEO and increase sales. Besides choosing the wrong web hosting can slow down your website, cause many security … Read more

How to embed a product on homepage of WooComerce?

To embed a product on the homepage in WooCommerce, you can use various methods depending on your preferences and requirements. Here are 4 common methods to achieve this: Method 1: Shortcode The shortcodes and Gutenberg block methods are more user-friendly and require minimal technical knowledge. Method 2: Gutenberg Block Method 3: Custom HTML The custom … Read more

Where to Sell Your Own Artwork Online

As an artist, showcasing and selling your artwork online opens doors to a global audience and lucrative opportunities. However, navigating the vast array of online platforms can be overwhelming. This in-depth guide explores the best online marketplaces and platforms for artists to sell their artwork. From popular websites to niche platforms, I go through into … Read more

WordPress Admin Not Able to Send Password Reset to Users

WordPress provides a seamless user experience for website administrators to manage their sites. However, sometimes administrators encounter issues with sending password reset emails to users. Let’s see the possible reasons behind this problem, and what are the effective solutions to ensure that WordPress admins can successfully send password reset emails to users. Password Reset Emails … Read more