How to Promote and increase selling WordPress Themes?

Many developers often mail me to know how to increase the selling WordPress themes. How to be good at marketing. Here is a post on this topic. From the beginning of my carrier, I am affiliating the theme of WordPress. I am going to share it. I hope that it will even be beneficial to digital product makers.


Giving Freebie product is one of the best way to achieve targeted client swiftly. Many of us often do a mistake and that is we share direct download link. That is why only a specific product have traffic. You may have 1 or 2 clients but to make a good business for lifetime, you have to maintain clients. For this reason, you can collect their email lists.

Affiliate Program:

Another good medium for marketing WordPress theme is to start an affiliate program. This is the best way for those who want to selling WordPress themes via their own website. You need not to worry about marketing if the commission is good and product is very well. Marketers will do your own marketing.

Solo add:

Many of us think that solo add is only for Make money and Health niche. But we can also use solo add for our WordPress theme if we want. For this reason, redirect opting form that will reach to your page from a nice landing page. This is how you will get email list along with sell. Tips for solo add: For solo add, contact with good blog sites instead of various market places. They regularly collect email list from their site. Ask them whether they post solo add or not. Then post through them.


Blogging is a good media to get interest and targeted buyer traffic. You can write blog post on WordPress about tips, problem solve or tutorial. Try to write good and unique subject, otherwise you will lose your rank. You may not get traffic if you not get any rank.

Video marketing:

Video marketing is another way to get super targeted traffic easily. You can make video on WordPress about tips, problem solve or tutorial and upload on YouTube and give the link of your product. If ranked, then you will have good traffic regularly.


Those who want to engage in paid marketing and want to have instant good sale, then PPC or pay per click is a good way. You can choose google AdWords, Facebook or Bing.

Social media:

You can also promote your WordPress theme through social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter etc. We will write about social media marketing later.

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