Online Business Can Start With No Money

10 Online Businesses You Can Start With No Money

This world has completely turned online since the pandemic has started and now everybody wants to do things that are online and does not really want to get out of their homes.

In this article, we will get to know about few online businesses that you can do that start without having any money.

Content writer

One of the best businesses that you can do while you sit at your home peacefully is to become a good content writer.

This is one of those businesses that does not really require any money to start with and also helps you in earning a lot.

Just learn what you are good at and then start working for it. When you will get to know about your niche then you can actually work really well.

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Drop shipping

The next business that you can start without any money is to start drop shipping. What you actually need to do is to get associated with any company or brand and then start delivering their packages.

This is again one of those businesses that do not need any money to be spent on it yet gives the person a good amount to earn through it.

Affiliate marketer

The next one of the most amazing businesses that you can do while sitting at your home is to start affiliate marketing and become an affiliate marketer.

What you do after becoming an affiliate marketer is basically that you associate yourself to the brand that you want and then promote them on different levels.

This way when their products sell, you give some specific percentage of commission and start to earn the right way without spending anything.

If you are associated with some AC brand, then you will place an ad that what isĀ Gree inverter ac price in Pakistan.

If you sell it then you will get the commission for it.

Online teaching

The next best business in this era of online is to teach students online whatever you feel like is your high point.

If you feel that you are good at any subject, then you can make an online academy for that and then enroll the student and get the fee that you want to.

This is also one of those businesses that do not require any money but is going to work really well for you.

Be an influencer

What better option than becoming an influencer and getting paid for it? Obviously, nothing.

Just start your own page on whatever platform you want to and then associate yourself with different brands.

If you cannot do it then try and gain as many followers as possible and then the brands will automatically come to you for their branding.

This way you cannot just influence people but can also earn a lot through and again of course without spending any money on it.

App development

The next amazing business that does not need any money is to develop an app if you have the skill. With this, you can actually earn more than what you must have expected or thought about in your brain.

If you feel like you can be a good developer and you have a computer for that then develop an app that is the need of the time and start earning from it.

When you will develop the app and people will start to use it then you will automatically start to earn through it.

This is one of the best ways to earn without spending any money on it.

Start a YouTube channel

If you ask us what is one thing that you see everybody doing around you, then we can say without giving it a second thought that it is starting a YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel does not need any money to be spent on it as we all know but it does require some time and energy.

You will have to wait for some time to gain the required subscribers and views before you start to earn through it.

Once you reach that required number of subscribers you will start to earn through YouTube a good amount.


If you think that you are a good writer and you have the talent to do it then what you can easily do is write a book on whatever you want to write on.

Once you are done writing a book online what you can do then is to sell it to different places like Amazon or eBay.

You can then use your book to earn for you when you sell it online and you will not require any money to write a book if you do it on your laptop or your computer.

Become a virtual assistant

One of the easiest and the convenient online businesses that you can do without spending any money is to become a virtual assistant of whoever you want to be.

You can do different tasks of whose assistant you become online and do their work for them and then earn for all the work you do.

You can do it by applying on different platforms and you definitely do not require any money to start this business, all you need to do is apply, and when you get selected start working from them and then start earning.

Personal trainer

If you feel like you are a fitness freak and you know everything that you need to know about giving people, the right fitness tips then you are good to go.

Start to give people fitness training online or physically and start to earn from them. What you need is some good knowledge about different body types and what you need to teach them and you can do it well.

You will not need any money to be spent on it and you can easily train people with your knowledge and then you can earn through it by charging them the training fee.

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