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How to reduce overheating and Auto shutting down of laptop

Nowadays, the laptop is the most important part of our daily life. The place does not matter, you can do your work everywhere, anytime. It gives us freedom. But sometimes we face problems with laptop auto shutdown.

Laptops are becoming more powerful and compact these days. That means the increase of CPU and GPU that use a large number of transistors compact in those.

Increased number of processes and strong graphics cards help to keep good resolution in big monitors. But all these results in excess heat.

Generally, laptop produces heat but when the system becomes more heated, laptop auto shutdown and comes to near a burnout for permanent damage, then it can be said that the laptop is overheated.

This overheating reduce the performance and lifespan of your laptop. We can take couple of measures to minimize these problems.

Monitoring laptop’s temperature

If the laptop’s cooling fan is running well and you are not using heavy programs but still the laptop is over hot then you can measure the internal temperature of your laptop by some software that is available on the internet.

Run those software and check whether the internal temperature of laptop is in a comfortable range or not.

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Elevate your laptop

Laptops are supposed to be kept on a flat surface. But some people keep them on their lap or on a pillow for their comfort. There are many holes under the bottom side of laptop so that the warm air comes out of it and makes the inner environment cooler.

If a soft thing is kept under the bottom, then those holes are blocked and hot air can’t come out of it and as a result the internal environment gets hotter and hotter.

To avoid this problem always elevate your laptop on a flat surface so that air flows fluently from it and fresh cool air gets into it.

Check and clean fans

There are fans attached to a CPU and GPU to make those devices cooler. Always make sure that those fans are running fluently. If the fan doesn’t run or run very slowly, then the overheat of CPU and GPU can’t come out and as a result overheating occurs.

Some computers use heat sinks to get out overheating. You have to make sure that the joint between cooling fan for the heat sink and CPU are connected with greasy materials. Sometimes it is required to change the grease and put some new. Make sure that cooling fan clips or screws are not loose enough.

Controlling fan speed

There are some programs to control fan speed. Always try to keep the maximum option on. Some computers control fan speed in such a way that when the laptop runs in overload then the fan runs faster and when the laptop is idle then it runs slower.

Sometimes it does not work for those laptops that are used for long time. So, it is a wise decision to run the cooling fans always at maximum speed.

Avoid using intense processes

If the hardware fixes do not work properly, then you can do some software fixes. That means you are going to underclock your processor so that it does not produce much heat.

This process slows down overall performance of your laptop but you are considering avoiding full damage to your processor. Try to avoid high-quality games that run the processor in higher performance.

Limit software uses

Do not run your laptop with much software. The more you use software the more it creates pressure on the processor and as a result excess heat produces. Always open the software that you need right now.

When you finished that job then close that software. There is some background software that is always running beyond our vision. Stop those background software from the control panel.

Incompatible operating system

Some laptops are made for a particular operating system. Installing a different operating system could cause excess pressure over laptops hardware and can create excess heating. For this reason laptop auto shutdown.

Always try to use the exact operating system that is recommended for your laptop when it was purchased first.

Additional cooling

Extra cooling pads are now available everywhere. Try to buy a good quality cooling pad so that it can flow fresh air in to your laptop and does cool the internal environment.

Most laptops pull cool air from the bottom because warm air rises upwards. If a cooler sucks hot air from it, then it will not be beneficial for the laptop and will make more heat.

Insufficiently powerful hardware

All the components that are included in your laptop must match with each other. Parts like processor, motherboard, RAM, harddrive work together to give full performance.

Before you buy a new laptop, make sure that all the components matches which each other.


Why do gaming laptops get so hot?

Gaming laptops have high performance CPU and GPU. They are compact with huge amount of transistors that produce a lot of heat. Those components run as fast as they can to give full performance for a high-quality game. As a result high heat producers and make the whole laptop warm.

Should I worry about my laptop overheating?

Laptop always create heat but when it overheats, then it create a pressure on the motherboard and in this way the life span of laptop reduces. Sometimes it even creates a fire.

How to check laptop temperature in Windows 10?

Instead of using Windows software, it is better to use a different one that is available on the internet. Try to use Such software that is developed by a well-known company. This will give you the correct temperature.

Final Verdict

A new laptop Doesn’t produce much heat. When it gets older and older then it produces a lot of heat. To avoid further damage, the laptop auto shutdown itself to secure the hardware.

It is good for the laptop but when it shuts downtime to time then it creates a lot of trouble and kind of annoying thing. Always try to keep your laptop dust-free. Try to use it in a cool and airy place. Always clean the holes of the laptop.

If those solutions do not work well, then contact a technician to solve the overheating and shutdown problem.




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