Increase battery life of laptop

Increase the battery life of your laptop in easy ways

Laptop battery gives you a special advantage over personal computer. That means you can carry it to any place you want without electricity supply. It does so for the attached battery of laptop. But the backup time period varies for many reasons.

Many chemicals are included in a laptop battery. The more laptop is used, the more battery life goes down. Battery capacity of current time can be measured by some applications compared to when it was purchased are available on internet.

We can do certain things to improve our laptop battery life. Laptop battery has couple number of cell battery in it. They are joined together and put on a case.

Overall performance of battery depends on each cell. Chemicals in those cells have life span. They reacts with each other to release electricity. When we charge a laptop, it stores electricity in batteries. After turning on laptop, motherboard consumes electricity from the battery.

How to increase battery life of laptop

Overall performance of battery decreases day by day. A used laptop will not give you the same performance as like when it was purchased. Following some points can increase your laptop’s battery life:

Manage power management settings of Windows computer

Click on “start >control panel> power options>Change battery settings” and then select your desired requirements. Monitor turn off time should be 5 minutes. System standby time should be 20 minutes. System hibernate time should be 45 minutes. You can always change the above settings.

Avoid Laptop to keep on a standby mode

It is always a good practice to shut down laptop when you are not using it for long time. Standby mode uses battery power. You can also  hibernate your laptop if necessary.

Use battery monitoring tools

There are some battery monitoring tools available on internet. Some of them can show actual battery life. It can monitor which applications are draining laptop batteries power. Some programs shows graphical representations.

Increase RAM of laptop

Research shows that higher ram increase battery life. Ram is cheap nowadays. Some laptop have extra ram slots to install extra ram. You should be careful about that all the rams installed in laptop has same configuration. Otherwise laptop performance will fall down.

Avoid overheating of laptop

Use laptop on airy place. Air condition installed room would be the best. Dust is the main reason for overheating. Clean the laptop by a blower or with a simple brush.

Turn off wireless facilities

Utilities like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi always uses power. They need to communicate with other devices all the time. Use Wi-Fi when you need to connect on internet. Use Bluetooth when you are exchanging files to other devices.

Remove plugged devices

We need to stick in many devices with laptop via USB ports. Those devices take power from battery. A large monitor connected with laptop also take power from laptop battery. Stick out USB devices when they are not needed.

Uninstall unnecessary hardware

Some laptop supports extra devices like graphics card. Graphics card consume huge amount of power. Do not use such things  unless it is necessary.

Reduce the brightness level of laptop

Monitor runs all the time. Its brightness level can be adjusted. High brightness needs high power. Adjust your laptops monitor brightness level from control panel. In some laptop there are brightness up and down keys on keyboard.

Use battery saving mode

There are some mode for controlling battery power. It is available in control panel. There is an option called battery saving mode. This will always make sure that the battery does not run out fast.

Check battery connector

Usually laptop batteries are removable. Make sure that the connection between laptop and battery is not loose enough. It will hamper electricity flow from battery to motherboard and other peripherals. Make sure that the connector has no rust at all. If possible, try to brush those connectors with a simple brush.

Choose proper charger

Always use the same charger that comes with your laptop. There are many duplicate chargers available on market that doesn’t supply proper current and voltage to the laptop. If the charger is damaged then try to purchase a new one from the manufacturer. Although original charges are costly but they give good performance and keeps your laptop battery healthy.

Don’t use laptop outside in the sun

Try not to use your laptop in the sun. This well make your laptop hot along with battery. Always use laptop under shade or in room.

Don’t detach battery frequently

Always use shutdown button to turn off the laptop. Some people open the battery for quick shutdown which is not good for battery.

Avoid running unnecessary software

Close unnecessary programs that create pressure on your laptop battery. Always open programs that is required for current time.

Don’t charge laptop all the time

It is not wise to charge the laptop all the time. When full charge is completed remove battery charger from it. Overcharging cause overheating.

Careful about moisture

Don’t keep any liquid beside laptop. If any liquid falls on laptop, then you will destroy battery as well as laptop.

Use a hard surface to put on laptop

Laptop has many holes under it to maintain proper ventilation so that it doesn’t get hot in excess. Although it’s name is laptop but try not to use on lap. Small holes under it will be blocked and air circulation might not work properly. Zigzag surface can’t hold laptop properly. Keeping laptop on an uneven surface might bend laptop and battery if it is heavy.


  • How long a battery stays good?

Generally, these types of batteries last for 2 to 4 years. Battery chemicals are improved nowadays. So you can get good service from new laptops and that will go long. Battery life depends on many factors. Proper taking care will increase battery life. Defected batteries will not run for long time.

  • Is there any way to charge laptop battery without charger?

Some laptop have USB-C port. Plug one end of this chord into an outlet and the other end of the port into your laptop. High powerful power bank can be helpful. Some car have chargers built-in it.

  • How to check laptop battery health in Windows 10?

There is and option called powershell. Press the windows key and the x key on your keyboard. Select windows powershell as an admin and then a pop up window will ask for your permission if you want to change any options for your device.

Final Thoughts

Before buying a new laptop, always check the configuration of it. It will show you the capacity of the battery. If you want to use your laptop without charging for long time then it is wise to buy a highly configured battery laptop. LCD display consume high power than LED.

There are some keyboards that have LED lights under it. They emit lights all the time to shine the keyboard. Try to avoid those. Change laptop battery if it cannot give proper backup.

There are shops for laptop accessories and they sell batteries of different model. Be aware of buying the proper battery similar to actual model.

If other parts of laptop is OK then you can use it for long time by changing just the battery. It is not necessary to purchase a new laptop. Be careful that some technical repair shops might tell you that you need a new one.

You need to make sure that only the battery is gone not other parts of laptop. Check time to time if your battery is not licking any fluids.

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