Comparison between usual laptop and chromebook

Comparison Between Usual Laptop and Chromebook

The regular laptop is a portable computer that has the functions like input devices and output devices similar to desktop computers. Generally, they use operating systems like Windows, Mac, Ubuntu etc.

On the other hand Chromebook is another type of laptop that uses chrome operating system. Both types of laptop are popular these days. People buy those for various purposes as they needed. Those laptops make day to day life very easy and comfortable.

Now the question is which one suits for me and which one suits for others. Today we are going to discuss about their advantages and disadvantages.


It is difficult to find out whether it is a MacBook or regular laptop without seeing their logos. They are typically made of plastic enclosures and similar displays except Mac books as they use Aluminum retina display.

Generally Chromebook has a high resolution display compared to regular laptops.

Hardware options

Regular laptops are made of highly configured accessories like processor, motherboard, ram, hard disk drive and so on. On the other hand Chromebook uses low speed processors compared to regular laptops and they use solid state drive as their storage.

The storage capacity starts from 32GB to 128 GB. They give cloud storage facilities to store extra data for 2 years for free.

Operating system

This is the main part of Chromebook than regular laptops. You can set up various types of operating systems in regular laptops. Windows 10, Ubuntu, Mac and Linux are very popular these days.

On the other hand, Macbook only has chrome operating system. Its interface is more like Google chrome browser that we easily use on our desktop PCS. Generally programs open as a tab but some management programs open in different Windows.

Operating system upgrades automatically in the background and it is not necessary to restart the device generally. The operating system takes up very low space compared to the other regular laptops. As the operating system is not big, that’s why it takes minimum resources and saves battery life.

A search button belongs to it which is like Windows start button. A status bar is at the lower right corner that gives us quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, volume and settings.

You can set a wallpaper  and theme and tweak the settings for the touchpad keyboard and display.

Apps and softwares

Considering Windows users, Google offers almost similar appearance on the window so that they can feel good. But the applications it handles is not similar like Windows operating system.

Most chrome apps open as a new tab like chrome browser. Some programs like files, get help and remote desktop open in different window. Chrome operating system uses only web applications and don’t let you download applications.

Therefore, if you are a regular user of Photoshop, Skype, iTunes then it will be a disaster for you that you won’t be able to use those. Programs are available on chrome web store and there you will find online versions of Microsoft office programs.

Google is trying to increase Chromebook applications that are used in Android devices.


Regular laptops use hard disk drives or solid state drives. Their capacities have no limits. They can be extended to couples of terabytes. Hard disk drive takes a lot of power and so they decrease battery life of laptop.

On the other hand Chromebook use solid state drive that consumes low energy but the disadvantage is that it have very little memory. Memory range starts from 32GB to 128 GB.


Security issues are very important nowadays. People use their communication devices to store online banking records, many important passwords, and important documents.

So the devices that secure peoples data are most welcomed. General laptops have the advantages of installing various types of programs on it to get the job done better. But they are harmful in the field of security. Installable program may have made with anti spyware that can steal data by hackers.

As Chromebook does not support third party software, that’s why the risk is minimum. Chrome programmers build their own program in a secured way that peoples data are safe.

Battery life

Chromebook uses accessories that are not highly configured. High configured processor means high power consumption. Regular hard disk drive always rotate to supply data and so they need a lot of power.

On the other hand Chromebook use processor that are close to celeron processor that take minimum energy. Instead of regular hard disk drive, they use SSD drive which is  very fast and takes minimum energy.

The operating system is very light and takes very low space and so the use of battery is minimum.


Regular laptop gives us varieties of programs that we use. We can use large programs like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft office and so on. If we only browse the network and watch YouTube videos then Chromebook is good for that job.

As YouTube and Google chrome browser are made by the same company, so they deliver good performance in this field. So the Macbook will be a handy device for light users but if you are a designer or programmer, then you need to move to regular laptops.


As MacBook does not need Windows software license or Apple logo, that’s why they come in very cheap. Chromebook starts from $200 up to $500 with a few exceptions.

Some entry level laptops are available in this price range but those are not for heavy programs.


Which one is better, the regular one or Chromebook?

If you are used to in web surfing or a YouTube user, then Chromebook is enough for you but if you need animation, Photoshop, video editing, then you have to move to regular laptops.

How are laptops and Chromebooks similar?

After turning on laptop or Chromebook, the interface is quite the same. If you use chrome browser then you won’t notice any difference between regular laptop and Chromebook.

Is Chromebook a good option for college students?

Yes, students who are in school or college or university can easily used Chromebook. But those who are related with programs of different types of animation creation, then they need a regular laptop.


Chromebook is a new device to us. It has some great appeal in many ways. It depends on the consumers which device they will buy.

So, before you buy a Chromebook or laptop, then think about the advantages and disadvantages of every device.

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