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How to Earn money on Youtube: 6 Effective Ways

If you’re looking for alternative ways to earn money, YouTube might be a good method! In this post learn how to earn money on YouTube with the help of 6 simple ways.

Youtube is very famous in the internet age. People are entertained at this. It is true fact that many people around the globe are being a millionaire by utilizing this.

The easiest and effective way to earn money online is by uploading YouTube video. Recently many teenagers are utilizing YouTube as a source of income.

6 Ways to Earn Money on Youtube

Earn money by selling your product on YouTube

Now you can sell your product by YouTube. Your eBook, music, mobile software can be sold here. Make a video of your product by VideoMakerFX and after uploading to YouTube, give a link of your product in video description.

To increase the traffic of your website

Suppose you have a website and you need traffic for that, then YouTube can help you. Make a video by describing your product, service and upload it. Video can be easily made by power point and windows movie maker. Give your website link to the description. This is how you can earn by selling product and also from the uploaded video.

Be an affiliate marketer and sell product

Affiliate marketing is to sell products of other company on the basis of commission. Thousands of companies are selling other’s products like Amazon, eBay.

Make a review video and how to use it, depending a specific product and upload it on YouTube. Give your affiliate link in video description. You will get commission for every sell of the product.

Become a YouTube personality

YouTube stars are incoming millions of dollars. BlueXephos is one of them. This channel had viewed billion times and is counting. It incomes 6 to 7 dollars per 1000 views. You can also earn like Salman Muktadi or Shamam by making funny videos with the help of your friends by making funny, educational videos.

Create tutorial videos

There are requirements for tutorial videos on YouTube. Suppose you know Photoshop, video editing, web designing. Make tutorial on these and upload on YouTube. Tutorials are viewed most.

Videos on your kids or pets

It is not necessary to be a good star or singer to become a star on YouTube. Upload funny videos of your kids or pets or any other videos captured by cell phone. You will get many viewers. Search for baby funny videos, animal’s videos. You will get the result.

Screen records of played games

If you are fond of video games, then you can upload your captured videos of played games. Pokémon go, fifa, minicraft are famous nowadays. Capture played games and upload them on YouTube.

Review of unboxing new mobile phones

If your budget is high, then you can buy new phones and make video by reviewing those. There are requirements of unboxing and review videos on YouTube. The most effective way is making conversation in English.

Try to make videos in such a way that the audience is entertained at this. Try to take it positively that many people will make fun of you in remarks. While editing, try to give an intro and this will increase views.

Add the part of your other video in a new video so that people will get interested for your other videos. To the end, never stop making videos.

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