How to Write a Blog Post

How to Write a Blog Post in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Thinking to write a blog post that convert? In this post, I will show you to focus on simple and effective ways to write SEO friendly blog posts. People are opening blogs regularly for their earning. Many of them are succeeding but those who fail are disappointed.

So, how to we succeed? Yes, you will get success if the process is according to what is supposed to be. Staying at home and repenting will not do. You have to march forward in a systematic way. So, no more hesitation. Work will find you if you know the job. Thousands of examples lie to our surroundings. We will discuss today for the beginners. Hope it works.

How to start? Today I will show some common mistakes that people do in the beginning.

Post title

Create a title that matches your content. Let see your subject is 10 ways to be succeeded in business. If you write ‘how to become wealthy and 10 tips for it’ doesn’t make any sense. The audience will be confused. Therefore, give the title in a manner that matches the body of the writing. Your heading characters will be between 55.

Meta description

In the case of meta character, make sure that it is under 155 characters.

Post permalink

The post permalink should not be too long. Try to end shortly. You can easily customize link.

Grammatical mistake

You must correct your grammar in case of an English blog, it doesn’t matter what your mother language is. Visitors will be attracted to articles with proper grammar. International standard language and grammar is required. Visitors and marketing will also be increased.

Unique content

Copying from others is always unwanted in case of blogging. Remember that, a copier will not be succeeded to the long run. The new algorithm of google is very strong now. Rearranging others posts and submitting as a new one is not allowed. So, work on new content that is unique.

Image alter tag

Optimize the picture that you attach with your writing. Try to give small alter tag, make sure that the image size is lower. If the image heavy, then it will take much time in loading.

Crawler error

If your website is added with google webmaster, then make sure that there is no error message shown while logging into there. They may remove site with error. It is noted that, there are many types of error, 301, 404 etc.

Stop buying backlinks

Nowadays google ranking is not achieved by only just backlink. Both money and time will be lost. Try to give good content with those monies.

Article word count

Take care about the word count of your article. Standard text should be between 500 to 1000 words. But it is different in case of book or magazines. Give post with a gradual manner. Posts with more than 700 words is good for SEO.

Making internal link

Never forget to give internal links when posting a new post. Visitors will stay long on your post. Suppose your blog is on technology and you are writing about ‘How old is my laptop’, give other related links in this blog mad by you. Then visitors will also read the other links and bounce rate will be decreased.

To the end, we can further say that, think yourself as a reader while writing. Visitors will gradually increase if they get appropriate writings.

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