WordPress vs Magento: Which the best CMS for eCommerce Store

E-commerce store making season is going on. Technicians, Economists, and market specialists are considering the online market as very prospective. There are a lot of CMS and ready scripts are available on the internet. WordPress and Magento are the most famous one of them. Here we discuss WordPress vs Magento.

Here are some special technical tips for those who want to start online shop.

CodeCloud had research on 100 such shops and they found that 35% shop use WordPress, 25% Magneto, 15% Opencart, 10% Framework (code ignitor, cake PHP) and other 15% are the rest who use other cart or developed software.

But 40% of them have no technical protection. And there are about 200 shops on Facebook who sell by showing or selling through the Facebook page. Many beginners are hesitated about choosing a shopping cart.

Although WordPress is CMS it can be converted into e-commerce shop through plugins. It is highly famous for its easy applications. After that, a complete shopping cart software is Magento. Its technical features are very strong but people are annoyed with its high loading time.

So let’s see the WordPress vs Magento, what will better for you.

When to use WordPress:

  • When the budget is low.
  • You are starting in a low profile.
  • You have an earlier website and now you want to start with a few products.
  • There is no technician to support.

When to use Magento:

  • You are serious about your business.
  • You want to expand your shop noticeably.
  • There are sufficient products on catalogs and is increasing day by day.
  • You want to apply different types of business policy on different products.
  • GroupWise selling, like monitor with mouse.
  • One mega shop with the combination of multiple small shops.
  • Having different types of discount on different buyers.
  • Want to make variations in payment gateway and shipping.
  • High quality of security.

But the popularity of using cart worldwide is noticeable. On a research held in told over 20,000 shops says that Open cart, Zen Cart, Virtue Mart, OS Commerce and Shippify are running fluently with same speed.

You should choose according to your business policy and type of product. And try as soon as possible. But think about the security of the shop. Your little ignorance will ruin everything.

This post is my personal opinion. If you think different please let us know by comment.

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