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The Best WP Project Manager Plugin [Easy Manage Tasks]

Project management software or tool is used to help plan, organize, track the progress of a project and output final report. It helps managers as well as full team to control project budget, quality management, easy work process etc.

In the environment of WordPress, WP Project Manager is a great tool for task management and team collaboration.

What is WP Project Manager?

WP Project Manager is the most advanced WordPress project management tool on the market. With features like Milestones, Task List, File Management, Calendar, and Dashboard, you can easily create, organize, & assign projects, tasks, to-dos, faster than ever. It is freemium software. That means it has free and pro versions available.

This plugin lets you manage WordPress tasks more effectively and efficiently, while also ensuring they’re completed on time and at the highest quality standards possible.

Manage WordPress Project

WP Project Manager is so easy to use that you will start using it right away! Get it now to make your WordPress site more successful than ever before!

WP Project Manager is the best way to manage WordPress tasks and projects online. It’s not just task management software, it also helps you plan, estimate time and cost of each project. With its powerful functionality and everything-in-one-place design, managing a WordPress project has never been so much easier!

The WP Project Manager plugin runs on top of your WordPress website, which means it’s easy to set up and works with any project management software or tool you’re already using like Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker or Google Docs.

Why Use WP Project Manager?

  • WP Project Manager comes packed with a variety of task management features. But the best thing about it is its ability to ensure the best use of your resources, planning and organizing all tasks of projects.
  • This WordPress task management plugin allows you to assign tasks, set up milestones, track project progress and save files related to your projects as well as your clients’.
  • Also, the Milestones feature ensures better planning of time and resource allocation on an individual basis. A milestone can be created for a given number of days that’s associated with a specific project or client.
  • It’s common for WordPress project managers and developers to use WordPress cron jobs. This can make it a hassle when trying to keep track of task status and deadlines. WP PM Pro takes care of that problem.
  • With various automated time tracking features you’ll be able to better manage your team’s time. You’ll also have an easier time meeting project deadlines using our Advanced Time Tracker tool.
  • All with user-friendly reporting that provides valuable insights into how your team is working efficiently together on your projects. Meet your project deadline more efficiently than ever before!
  • Work effectively with team members from all over the world. Create projects and invite people. Customize settings for each member or role.
  • Keep track of your project with full reports such as hours spent on different project stages. Set milestones and get alerts when they’re reached. Gather insights into what is happening on every project stage via advanced reports.
  • All of these features and more make WP Project Manager a powerful WordPress task management plugin for any business size, type, sector and industry.
  • Powerful tools and techniques: Team discussion, Milestones, Task List, Email Notifications, File Management, Recurring, Privacy & Security, Calendar, No Usage Limit, Time Tracker, Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, Interactive Task Calendar, Control Team Capacities & Member Roles, Recurring Task, Files & Documents Manager, Personal Dashboard for All Users, Advanced Reports with Insights and Much More.

Cons of WP Project Manager Plugin

  • Not really a con, but it became a critical part of project management once the user secured a contract to work with a JIT first tier automotive supplier.
  • All features are not available under the annual personal & professional plan. It required business plan to explore all features.

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