Is Astra Compatible with Dokan?

Astra is a popular WordPress theme that is known for its speed, flexibility, and compatibility with a wide range of plugins. Dokan is a powerful multivendor plugin that allows you to create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products.

So, is the Astra theme compatible with the Dokan multivendor plugin? The short answer is yes. Astra has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of plugins, including Dokan.

Astra theme with Dokan

This means that you can install and activate the Dokan plugin on an Astra-powered website and expect it to work without any problems.

In fact, Astra comes with a number of built-in features that are specifically designed to make it easier to create a multivendor marketplace with Dokan.

For example, Astra includes a dedicated Dokan section in the theme customizer, where you can control the appearance of your marketplace’s pages and elements.

Some alternatives to Astra Theme


OceanWP is another popular WordPress theme that is compatible with Dokan. It offers a similar level of customization as Astra, and it’s also known for its speed and performance.


Divi is a premium WordPress theme that offers a high level of customization. It’s not as fast as Astra or OceanWP, but it does offer a wider range of features.


Storefront is the official theme for WooCommerce. It’s not as customizable as Astra or OceanWP, but it’s very fast and easy to use.

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