7 Best Health, Wellness and Medical Joomla Templates (Free & Paid)

Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS) that is used to create a variety of websites, including health, wellness, and medical websites. There are many Joomla templates available that are designed specifically for these industries.

These templates can help you to create a professional-looking and informative website that will help you to reach your target audience.

Top Health and Wellness Joomla Templates and Themes

Discover an exceptional collection of perfect Joomla templates designed for health and beauty organizations. Whether you run a spa, wellness center, salon, doctor’s office, hospital, or medical clinic, these templates are tailored to your needs.


Medico Joomla Template

Medico, a Joomla medical template by JoomShaper, offers a comprehensive solution for creating a solid medical website. It caters to dentists, hospitals, health clinics, and more. The template features a modern design and incorporates essential functionalities like managing specialists, appointments, and medical services.

Patients can easily search for doctors through the “Find a Doctor” feature. With three unique homepage variations and user-friendly customization options, Medico saves time and provides flexibility.

It is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, and built on JoomShaper’s Helix Ultimate framework. Utilize the drag-and-drop SP Page Builder Pro 3 for designing your site. Enhance patient relationships and showcase your professional services with Medico.


Nuron Joomla website Template

Nuron is a feature-rich Joomla medical template, ideal for creating a robust medical website. It caters to hospitals, dentists, health clinics, diagnostic centers, and more. With its modern design and full responsiveness, Nuron offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare websites.

It includes essential features like managing specialists, appointments, and medical services. The template allows for extensive customization, enabling you to create a unique site.

Nuron comes with SP Page Builder Pro, Helix Ultimate framework, and other elements, making it the perfect choice for establishing a striking online presence for your healthcare business.


fortune Joomla wellness Template

Fortune is a purpose-driven Joomla template designed for care facilities, nursing homes, and charitable initiatives for the elderly. With its clean and elegant design, it provides a collection of pre-made pages and layouts to create an exceptional senior care website.

The template offers two homepage variations, creative design elements, and various internal layouts for fundraising, services, events, and more.

Fortune includes SP Page Builder Pro, allowing easy customization with its intuitive drag-and-drop editing system. Built with Helix Ultimate, it offers both a raw template and QuickStart option for quick installation with demo content.


Joomla dentist website Template

Dentro is a fully responsive and well-designed Joomla template, perfect for dentists, dental clinics, and healthcare businesses. It offers easy navigation and showcases services, contact details, opening hours, and prices.

Powered by the drag-and-drop SP Page Builder Pro, Dentro simplifies site layout setup and editing. Customization options and pre-designed pages save time, enabling you to create unique-looking pages effortlessly.

With a modern Oneclick installer, you can choose to install the template with or without demo data. Dentro provides all the necessary elements to create a reliable dentistry clinic website.


Joomla Yoga Template

Yoga is a responsive Joomla 3.8 template designed for spa, wellness, fitness, and dance studios, gyms, and the wellness industry. It incorporates modern technologies and trendy designs to effortlessly create stunning sports websites.

Yoga features unique segments for health club/gym classes and trainers. It utilizes the SP LMS component for learning management and offers various membership benefits. Visitors can easily book appointments through a simple form.

With eye-catching color combinations and extensive customization options, Yoga provides all necessary pages for a perfect Yoga training website. It supports translation, RTL languages, and is built on JoomShaper’s Helix3 framework.

The template includes the premium SP Page Builder Pro for intuitive drag-and-drop editing. It also offers additional features like SP Simple Portfolio, AcyMailing newsletter integration, and powerful modules.


Yamas Joomla CMS Template

Yamas is the perfect solution for wellness and yoga studios looking to create or revamp their website. It suits various health activities like yoga classes, fitness studios, dance, gyms, and aerobics.

With its clean and minimalist design, this Joomla yoga template is appealing to everyone. Enjoy ample personalization options beyond the demo design. The template’s customization is made easy with the powerful SP Page Builder Pro, featuring a drag-and-drop live editing system and versatile addons.

Yamas is also multilingual ready, allowing you to reach your target audience effectively with a well-designed website for your yoga or fitness training/service business.


Doctor Joomla Template

Doctor is a fully responsive Joomla! 3.8+ template designed for surgeons, doctors, medical centers, dentist chambers, clinics, and more. It can also be used as a vet theme.

The template includes new module SP Mednet Features and addons like Appointment Form, Twitter feed display, Biography, and Testimonial. Integrated with our Helix3 framework, the QuickStart package provides a time-saving template demo. Customize prebuilt layouts with SP Page Builder Pro, enhancing visual appeal.

With four home variations and preset colors, the template ensures compatibility across devices. It caters to various niches, ensuring clean code and regular updates for security.

What to See When Choosing Joomla Template for Medical and Health Website?

  • Design: The template should have a professional and clean design that is appropriate for the medical industry. It should be easy to navigate and use, and it should be compatible with all major browsers.
  • Responsiveness: Ensure that the template is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. With a growing number of users accessing websites through mobile devices, it is crucial that your website adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes.
  • Features: The template should include all of the features that you need for your website, such as the ability to display doctor profiles, patient information, and medical news. It should also be easy to customize the template to match your specific needs.
  • Customization Options: Check if the template provides customization options, allowing you to personalize the design and layout according to your branding and requirements. Look for templates that offer flexibility in terms of colors, fonts, and page layouts.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the template is compatible with the latest version of Joomla and other essential extensions that you may want to integrate, such as content management systems, contact forms, or payment gateways.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Look for reviews and recommendations from other users who have used the template for their medical or health websites. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the template’s usability, performance, and overall satisfaction.
  • Support and Update: The template should come with good support from the developer and regular updates. This includes access to documentation, tutorials, and forums where you can get help with any problems that you encounter.

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