5 Best Media & News Joomla Templates of 2024

Explore the world of Joomla website templates specifically designed for media and news websites. Whether you’re launching a newspaper, magazine, or news portal, these templates offer a comprehensive toolkit to bring your vision to life.

With their powerful features, customizable layouts, and responsive designs, you can create visually stunning platforms that engage readers and deliver news effectively.

Discover the perfect Joomla template to power your media and news website and elevate your online publishing game.


Newsberg Joomla Template

Newsberg, a versatile news and magazine Joomla template, is an excellent choice for creating various news portal sites like politics, sports, games, technology, and marketing. With a sleek design and adaptable layout, this Joomla news template offers two captivating homepage options and cutting-edge features.

Utilizing the powerful drag and drop SP Page Builder Pro, you can easily customize your site’s layout. Save time with the available customization options and pre-designed pages. The QuickStart pack includes SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate, enabling you to achieve a stunning demo appearance in minutes.

This modern and polished Joomla news template is perfect for any news website, enabling you to create your own version of Business Insider, Bloomberg, BBC, CNN, or any other platform you desire!


Gazette Joomla newspaper Template

Gazette is a comprehensive solution designed for Newspaper and Magazine websites, delivering daily news, celebrity gossip, and interesting facts. With its versatile and multipurpose nature, this Joomla news and magazine template can be effortlessly applied to various relevant sites such as sports, lifestyle, health, technology, and politics.

Monetizing your website is made easy with multiple advertisement areas, including the menu. The template offers 3 pre-designed home layouts, quick setup, and easy customization options for texts, images, backgrounds, icons, layouts, colors, and fonts.

The QuickStart pack includes SP Page Builder Pro 3, enabling front-end drag-and-drop live editing. Developed on JoomShaper‘s Helix Ultimate framework, Gazette is fully responsive, mobile-optimized, and compatible with major browsers. With no coding skills required, Gazette is a valuable choice for modern magazine-style designs or classic news portals.


NewsKit news template for joomla

NewsKit, a clean and functional Joomla! 3.7+ template by JoomShaper, is the ideal choice for news, magazine, publishing, and review sites. Focused on media, communication, and trends, it offers two layouts for featured stories and a grid-based layout for homepages.

Suitable for various magazines, blogs, and audiences, NewsKit provides a quick and easy solution for creating professional online portals, including city or local community-focused websites. This all-in-one modern Joomla template allows you to showcase important or latest content with ease.

It is responsive, cross-compatible, translation-ready, and supports Retina display standards. Built on JoomShaper’s Helix3 template framework, it includes SP Page Builder Pro for page building and AcyMailing newsletter integration. With intuitive customization options, unlimited color schemes, and a user-friendly visual drag and drop system, you can build your successful magazine website in no time.


News365 Newspaper template for joomla

News365 is a fully responsive Joomla! 3.7+ template, perfect for global or local news/magazine websites, professional blogs, and editorial projects.

It supports both native Joomla articles and K2, along with an integrated e-commerce solution using J2Store. With its user-friendly design, MegaMenu options, and banner ad areas, News365 gives you complete control over featured articles and site organization.

Integrated with Helix 3 framework, it offers customization options and SP Page Builder Pro for unique content creation. Compatible with modern mobile devices, it’s recommended for news, magazine, and relevant sites of all sizes.


news and media template joomla

Newedge is a versatile template suitable for newspapers, magazines, publishing, and review sites. It caters to various news niches like tech, gossip, politics, sports, health, games, and fashion.

Packed with magazine/blog-specific functionalities, it includes a media manager, feature image & slider gallery, blog listings, and more. The QuickStart bundle features SP Page Builder Pro with 40+ addon elements for effortless customization.

With its responsive design, two layout settings, Helix3 Framework, AcyMailing integration, and translation support, Newedge empowers you to create a professional and unique magazine-style website without any coding. The Quickstart package also includes a demo data installer for easy setup.


NewsPlus news website template joomla

NewsPlus features a clean, modern design with powerful admin options. This responsive Joomla template is ideal for various publishers, including General News, Regional, Political, Business & Finance Magazines.

It provides maximum exposure to your content, elevating your website to a professional level. With optimized mobile and desktop performance, NewsPlus automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. It offers flexible drag and drop layouts (Helix v2 Framework), useful shortcodes (tabs, galleries, maps, videos), and options like MegaMenu, Acymailing, K2 blog, and SP Weather integration.

Cross-browser compatible and supporting RTL languages, NewsPlus also includes Font Awesome, CSS/JS compression, and detailed documentation with a dedicated support team.


Can I build a newspaper website with Joomla?

Yes, absolutely! Joomla is a highly versatile and robust content management system (CMS) that provides all the necessary tools and features to build a newspaper website. With Joomla, you can create and manage articles, organize them into categories, create sections for different topics, and even integrate multimedia content such as images and videos.

Joomla also offers various extensions and templates specifically designed for news websites, providing additional functionalities and customization options. Whether you’re starting a local newspaper or a global news portal, Joomla can be an excellent choice for building and managing your newspaper website.

How To Build A Joomla News Website?

To build a Joomla news website, start by installing the Joomla CMS on your hosting server. Next, select a news-oriented Joomla template and customize its design and layout. Install news-related extensions for article management, multimedia support, and social sharing.

Organize your news content into categories, sections, and articles. Customize menus, widgets, and modules for navigation and additional features. Lastly, optimize SEO settings and launch your Joomla news website.

Which is better for a news content website: WordPress or Joomla?

Both WordPress and Joomla can be suitable options for a news content website. WordPress is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin ecosystem, while Joomla offers more advanced customization options and scalability.

Consider your specific needs and preferences to determine which platform aligns better with your requirements and technical expertise.

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