WordPress.org or WordPress.com? Which will you use?

If you are new as a blogger, then you may be confused to find out that there are two websites in the same name. You may be curious about to know-

  • What are WordPress.org and WordPress.com?
  • What are their differences?
  • Which one should I choose?

You need not worry about it now. Because I am discussing this in an easy way about the differences between WordPress.org and WprdPress.com and other topics that are related to it. This will help you to choose the site that will be perfect for you.

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress is an open source software by which about 60 millions of blogs are made. From WordPress.org, you can download the latest version of WordPress cms that runs in its own hosting. In this site, you will find thousands of themes and plugins, WordPress news, community support etc.

Features of WordPress.org:

  • Many themes and plugins are available here. You can choose and install it on your own. You can even change and customize your theme. Free plugins will increase extra activities on your site.
  • You can have total control on your site. You need not worry about different service conditions.
  • You can earn money from that site. This can be done through the Adsense network.
  • You can edit your file through FTP or cPanel.
  • You need not worry about storage spaces.
  • There are advantages of custom analytics and tracking.
  • If you want to host your site in any web hosting service provider, then you have to pay $3 – $7 per month and $10 for domain per year.
  • You need to maintain your backup yourself. There are many plugins in BTW that will help to backup.
  • You need to maintain and upgrade your site yourself.

What is WordPress.com?

You can make free blog throw it but it has some limitations. This also uses the same software that is used in WordPress.org. This doesn’t need to install WordPress and maintain it.

Features of WordPress.com:

  • It gives free space up to 3GB. You have to pay $20 for extra 10GB per year, $50 for extra 25GB per year, $50 for extra 100GB per year.
  • You need not to worry about backup, maintenance, and upgrade.
  • Some specific free themes are available that are not customizable.
  • Although WordPress is famous for its huge collection of plugins, all of them are not free. You need to go to VIP programs and pay at least $3750 per month that vary for different plugins.
  • You can limitedly control your site and information. They can erase your blog anytime I they find any inappropriate information against their terms and regulations.
  • You cannot sell advertising on your blog if that is not viewed for 25,000 times per month. Otherwise, they will cut your income in half.

Which one you should use?

If you have no intention of income, just for fun or personal journal, you can use WordPress.com

If you want to earn money and make a blog for the publicity of your product and make a carrier as a blogger, then WordPress.org is appropriate for you.

At last, I am suggesting you for WordPress. Org instead for WordPress.com for the following reasons.

  • You can have a custom design with WordPress.org for your blog or site
  • Thousands of plugins can be used through it.
  • You can earn money
  • You can have a domain name along with full control
  • You can make your site SEO friendly to have visitors from search engines.
  • You can track your site’s performance.

If the initial cost doesn’t bother you, then WordPress.org is the perfect choice for you. Happy blogging.

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