Can I Remove Breadcrumbs On Certain Pages Only?

Yes, you can remove WordPress site breadcrumbs on certain pages only, both with a plugin and without a plugin.

Breadcrumbs in a WordPress site are a navigational aid that displays the hierarchical path of a page, showing users the trail they took to reach the current page. They typically appear as a series of links separated by arrows or other symbols.

Breadcrumbs provide clear navigation and help users understand their current location within the website. Clear navigation enhances user engagement and reduces the chances of users leaving the site without finding what they need.

Breadcrumbs can improve site structure and internal linking, benefiting search engine rankings.

Not using breadcrumbs may lead to less intuitive navigation, potential confusion for users, and a less organized site structure, resulting in decreased user engagement and potentially higher bounce rates.

Anyway, If you still want to remove breadcrumbs on certain pages follow this tutorial article:

Remove Breadcrumbs With Plugin

Step 1: Install and Activate Yoast SEO Plugin If you haven’t already installed the Yoast SEO plugin, you can do so from the WordPress dashboard by navigating to “Plugins” > “Add New.” Search for “Yoast SEO,” install it, and activate it.

Step 2: Edit the Page Where You Want to Remove Breadcrumbs Go to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to “Pages.” Click on the page where you want to remove the breadcrumbs to edit it.

Step 3: Access Yoast SEO Settings for the Page Scroll down the page editor until you see the “Yoast SEO” box. It should be located below the page content editor.

Step 4: Disable Breadcrumbs for the Page In the Yoast SEO box, click on the “Advanced” tab. Look for the option labeled “Show Breadcrumbs.” By default, it should be set to “Enabled.” To remove breadcrumbs on this specific page, click on the dropdown menu and select “Hide.”

Step 5: Update the Page After making the change to disable breadcrumbs, click the “Update” button to save your changes.

That’s it! The breadcrumbs will now be hidden on the page you specified using the Yoast SEO plugin.

Using the Yoast SEO plugin provides a convenient and user-friendly way to remove breadcrumbs on specific pages without having to write any code.

The plugin offers many other SEO-related features, making it a valuable tool for optimizing your WordPress website.

Remove Breadcrumbs Without Plugin

Step 1: Identify the Page ID Go to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to “Pages.” Click on the page where you want to remove the breadcrumbs. Look at the URL in your browser’s address bar; you will find something like post=123. The number (e.g., 123) is the page ID.

Step 2: Edit the Theme’s Functions.php File In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Appearance” > “Theme Editor.” Locate the “functions.php” file on the right sidebar and click to edit it.

Step 3: Add Code to Remove Breadcrumbs Insert the following code at the end of the functions.php file:

function remove_breadcrumbs_on_specific_pages() {
    if (is_page(array(123))) { // Replace 123 with the page ID where you want to remove breadcrumbs
        remove_action('woocommerce_before_main_content', 'woocommerce_breadcrumb', 20);
add_action('wp', 'remove_breadcrumbs_on_specific_pages');

Replace 123 with the page ID you want to target. Save the changes.

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