Why do some still choose Joomla! over WordPress?

There are a few reasons why some people might choose Joomla! over WordPress:

  1. Joomla! has more advanced user management features. It allows you to set up different user groups with different permissions, which can be useful for websites with many contributors.
  2. Joomla! has a built-in support for multiple languages, which can be useful for websites that need to be translated into different languages.
  3. Joomla! has a more powerful and flexible content management system, which can be useful for websites with complex content structures or custom content types.
  4. Some people prefer Joomla!’s template system, which allows for more control over the layout and design of a website.

However, it’s important to note that WordPress is currently the most popular content management system and is used by a large percentage of websites on the internet. It’s generally considered to be user-friendly and has a large community of developers and users, which can make it a good choice for many types of websites.

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