Costello NYC

Portfolio Site for Creative/Art Director

Costello nyc


Elementor, HTML, CSS, WordPress

Client: Kevin Costello

Country: USA

Date: March 2024


I developed this pixel-perfect portfolio site for a Creative/Art Director, designed to be full-width and mobile responsive. The client’s goal was a sleek, modern layout to showcase their work with high-resolution visuals and intuitive navigation. Precision in alignment, typography, and color scheme was essential.

To achieve this, I used Elementor’s advanced CSS techniques and a flexible grid system for the full-width design. High-resolution images were optimized for fast loading, and media queries ensured seamless responsiveness across devices. Interactive elements like hover effects and smooth transitions enhanced user engagement.

Thorough testing across browsers and devices guaranteed pixel-perfect accuracy. The result is a stunning, user-friendly site that highlights the client’s creative expertise, providing visitors with an exceptional browsing experience.

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