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YouTube Video Marketing | Ultimate Guide for Beginner’s

Generally, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are considered to be the platform for online marketing. Those social media are now on the top for inline income. But online marketers are using many utilities for earning online. Video sharing is one of them and for this purpose, YouTube is the best platform. So if you want to do something on Youtube, you have to learn YouTube Video Marketing properly.

This platform is now a good source of income along with watching videos. It has also a good value in the online marketplace. There are some marketplaces where we can find video related jobs on the basis of both hourly and fixed time. Thousand-dollar worth of job is available here.

Your success will depend on your patience and plan in this field. Young successful freelancing outsourcing specialists think that good carrier can be achieved through video marketing.

What really video marketing is?

In the sector of video marketing, picture is more valuable than sound. That is why picture plays a big role in publication. In the case of video, it plays a more good result over picture. It attracts buyers for buying products. Video marketing is to market some products through video. Public video sharing social website like YouTube is a good platform for online video marketing that can be used by anyone.

Why video marketing is important?

1. Many people do not have the patience to read articles. Nowadays video marketing is running in huge amount targeting those buyers. They can have a good idea about a specific product without reading.

2. Specifications about a product is easily understood by video. After watching a video, they feel no hesitation about the product. That is why the requirement of video marketing is increasing day by day in many marketplaces.

3. It cost some money to make videos but nowadays mobile devices can be used for capturing video without cost. Those videos can be uploaded free on YouTube. The businessmen are now easily publishing their products through it.

4. Video marketing plays a good role in the google search engine.

5. Freelancer can easily have their job in this sector as the competition is not so much.

Caution on uploading video on YouTube

1. It is not right to record someone’s video and upload it by one’s own name.

2. Upload such video that can’t be claimed by anyone else. Stop uploading videos by copying. This is bad for your reputation and consumers will have a bad idea about you. You may face copyright act if someone claim that video.

3. Keep audio and video to the best quality to attract the audience.

4. Video bit rate, frame rate and resolution should be high.

5. Stop uploading pornographic and inappropriate videos.

6. Keep in mind that the language should be easy and clear so that common people can understand.

You should target search engines to have more visitors on your video. Because most of the visitors come from search engines. Therefore, you need to give proper title, description and video tag.


The title of the video should be such that it attracts the visitors. Visitors should have a good idea about reading the title of the video.


Keep your site’s URL on the top of the description of the video. Then briefly explain your video.

Remember that, many visitors may not read the description but it plays a positive role on google and YouTube. The description should be between 250 to 300 words.

Giving tag

This is a good tool for not only Google but also for YouTube. It will help the video to come on the top page on a site by competing with many videos.

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