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Why do Cats Scratch Everything

Sometimes you can see your kitty scratch and stretch everything. A cat can scratch furniture, couch, leather, sofa, carpets, cupboards etc. Actually, it’s natural and not their fault. Scratching can feel their good and sharpen their claws.

We got some frequent questions like, why is my cat scratching everything, why do cats like leather, why do cat’s claw furniture, why is my cat suddenly scratching everything etc. Let’s see below why do cats need to scratch.

Cats Scratch during Excitation or Frustration

At the time when a cat sees something exciting, like another animal or bird, they scratch. Hormone secretion increases the body and it increases its activity. The cat may run from one room to another and scratch something.

Cat scratch leather

This releases energy that develops when it sees something exciting but does not interact with it directly. If its owner neglects it all the time, then the cat might get frustrated and start to scratch to get attention. This is a logical behavior from the cat’s point of view.

Cats Scratch to Mark Territory

In the wild, cats don’t come in groups. They like to walk around alone. Many of their communication happens by leaving marks for each other. Much of this revolves around territory.

Behavior like scratching is a great way to claim territory to other cats. On their feline paws, there are scent glands. When pressed on during scratching, they leave an odor that is not detectable to humans but detectable to other cats.

The specific marks made during scratching are readable to other cats. This explains why they love to scratch things. We can say it as a signature for them.

At the time when cats live alone in homes, they feel this communication information. It’s like the information is written in their DNA.

Cats Scratch to Keep Their Muscles, Tendons & Joints Healthy

Stretching is good for the muscles, tendons & joints of a cat’s body. Athletes know very well that stretching before & after exercise keeps a body healthy & protects it from injury during exercise. It also feels good to all.

Cats scratch multiple times during the day. They scratch when they first wake up. It’s a good idea to place scratching posts or pads near its napping spots.

Cats Scratch According to Their Grooming Ritual

We’ve seen our cats bathing themselves. Cats are well known for their grooming habits. Most of their time is spent by licking their bodies all over. They chew small mats, licks paws & rub their faces with them. In such a way they groom themselves.

By Scratching at rough surfaces it removes the outer husk from its nails. It helps to free the healthier nail underneath. Some people think that cats sharpen their nails by scratching. But they aren’t creating a sharper surface. They want to get rid of an old one.

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