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Genius Ways How to Make Money Online in 2023

Online earning or make money online by staying at home is not a dream anymore. The world is advancing through IT. In the same way the number of freelancers is also increasing. Many people are getting interested freshly in outsourcing.

Some people doing freelancing part-time basis for earning extra money and some people take this as a profession and earn more than other professions. The question arises on how to earn more and in which way? It is difficult to answer simply. Money can be earned by web site design, but it is not possible for all. Data entry or typing is quite easy compared to others. But it is also not possible for some people for various reasons.

There are many ways to earn by staying at home. The article is for those who want to start freelancing freshly.

Writing Articles

If you are good at writing articles, then you can start writing for other business institutions and websites. This is a popular way of making money online. Everything on interment depends on content. Whatever we are reading online is written by some person like us and among them, some work as part-time and others work as full time.

Everybody is good at something. So, it is not impossible to write on a topic of someone’s own choice. Suppose you are graduate on Automobile and have good knowledge of this, so you can write on any portion of this topic. Find out in Upwork, Freelancer and other websites like those whether someone is in need of an article on those topics.

Data Entry

I hope that many of us have already know about that. Many people are earning by data entry by working at home.

Online Tutor

There are many websites that teaches on many topics and they need teacher to teach. So, if you are good at any subject, the you can give tuition to the students by staying at home as house tutor.

Web Developer

If you are good at coding, then you can make money online by website design. The demand of webpage design in increasing day by day. You can start by registering in some freelancing websites. You can also start your own website and give your service. To make a good website, it cost $200 to $10,000 and sometimes even more. So, you can learn good design technique and converting into website and thus provide your service.

Product Reviewer

Product review business is a very simple business. Choose some products and write review on those. Try to write the products that you use personally. There are many marketers who writes on blog by reading from others reviews. You can do this at start.

Online shopping is getting popular along with product review sites day by day. People want to read review about a product before buying it. Therefore, you can start a web by spending a few dollars and start writing review over some products.

Income by Surveying

Many company require public survey for many reasons. There are websites that will pay you for your survey result. Although they pay not that much but you can earn sufficient money by surveying regularly.

Nowadays this types of job are very easy. Anyone can participate on this and earn money. The job is comparatively easy. They give some questions and want their answers.

It is noted that, it is required to become a member of that site by some service charge and after that you have high payment surveys.

Magazine Writer

If you are a good writer, then you can write in famous magazines and papers. You can show them your columns. Many paper searches for writer who can write for them.

These papers pay $50 -$100 per article. So, you can earn sufficient amount of money by staying at home.

Video Blogger

People feels comfort by watching video rather than reading articles. The topic that takes 15 minutes to read, only takes about 2 minutes to watch its video. So, start making a video tutorial over any topic and teach viewers some interesting stuff.

Product Reseller

Some products need resellers. So, you can contact with a company and star to sell those products online on the basis of commission. Your friends and relatives buy products from online. You can create a website and motivate them to buy through your website so that you get commission from those selling.


It is a good opportunity for those who knows more than one language. There are some people who are looking for translators online. You can keep a profile on some famous website as a service provider or you can visit to many freelancing websites where people are searching for translations. Some website give content as video or text. You can translate those according to their requirement.

Search Engine Optimizing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization technology is used to promote a website in search result. Suppose a company is based on education. They want to lead in google search result. This can be done by SEO. As an SEO expert many freelancers making money online handsome amounts.

Graphics Design

You can have job from many websites if you know web designing. Graphics design is required for logo design, pad and business card making and so on.

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