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Easy Ways to Make Money Online by Article Writing in 2023

Article Writing is a trusted and decent way to make money online. There are many ways to earn money from online, article writing is one of them. Writing articles is one of my personal favorites!

Today I am writing about how to be a successful article writer. But first, let us discuss some important topics.

Possibilities of taking article writing as a career

You glad to know an amazing fact, article or content writing is called the ‘king’ in web industry. Because an informative and good quality article will make a site popular and a low quality article will be neglected by search engine. So, if you want to make popular your site to the targeted market, the it is worthy to write good quality of articles. That is why a good article writer never become jobless.

Although websites are being made in many languages but the popularity of English, Hindi, Chinese and Arabic are high. In a research it is seen that, more than 150 webpages are being made per hour in the World. As web pages are increasing so the requirement of article is also increasing day by day.

Sector of work and how much earning possible

If you want to make your carrier as a full time article writer, you have so much opportunities. Let’s see the sectors.

1. Blogpost writer:

Start as a blogpost writer if you are new in this sector. You can have a fast job from ‘Upwork’ or a similar marketplace. Be fluent in English for this site. You need not be an expert but at least writing should be 90% accurate. There are many grammar checker online by which an article can be made perfect.

You can start from $10 to $15 per 500-word rate. As you are new and have no site or portfolio, start with that rate and gradually increase rate after completing 10 jobs. Many writers in India and Philippines work for $5 per 500 words for article writing. To be such a professional writer you need to be experienced, skilled and acquire sample.

2. Review writer:

The most attractive business in online marketing industry is affiliate marketing. For affiliate marketing it is necessary to have a good site and good review. You will have a good business in Amazon or any other vendor if you have good product/service review in your website. Generally, a review contains 700 to 1000 words. You can ask for $15-$20 for your 1000 word containing article. It is funny that these review projects are applicable for 10-15 articles. So, such types of articles can earn from $100 to $150 overall. While writing a review article, you have to know how to write features, pros and cons of a product or service. Besides, you have to learn how to motivate people to buy a specific product.

3. How to and Lexicon:

You need to be an expert to write how to or cons although they are not too long. Expression and synonyms are need to be known for writing these. The demand of such job is less than others. But clients who are in need of those will give you $10 per 500 words.

4. Copywriter:

It is doesn’t mean copy-paste by Copywriter. Copywriter is a technical term of sell speech or sales article. As a copywriter, you need to write an advertisement title, email and its content, landing page content. You can charge $8-$10 per 500 words depending on your quality of writing. But to be a good copywriter you need to be an article writer.

5. Website content:

Website content writing is different from other jobs. Here you will be hired on the basis of pages instead of number of words. You need to write content where it is required by matching with the website. You can charge $5-$10 for per page at the beginning.

How to start earning as a writer?

Article writing can be a good part time job for students, service holders and housewives. You can start from today if you can write in any languages. If you need professional help, then write to us. If your writing is meaningful and beneficial to readers, then we will promote you to post on our site so that you can have a good portfolio.

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