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How to be smart on social media

The popularity and utility of social media are increasing day by day. Now it is not an entertainment media anymore. This is the time you have to know how to be smart. Facebook, twitter, Instagram are helping people in may ways to their day to day life. Such a way people can choose their life partner and win their heart which is a necessity. Here are some tips to present yourself smartly.

  1. Try to express yourself with photo. People is much more attracted by pictures instead of just status. This is how you will get the attention of your beloved. So, when you are in a restaurant, post pictures of the dishes instead of just status to attract many people.
  2. Type your occupation, position, workplace in your profile clearly. There is no way to deny the importance of good job to have a life partner. Besides as a human being it is necessary to be honest to show your actual job although it is not a perfect job.
  3. Are you a smart man or beautiful girl? If not so then it is not possible to win someones heart just with profile picture. So, focus on status. Give status on the subject that you are good at or you like or believe in it. It is useless to quote poem if you are not fond of poem which is unethical. If you like cricket, then give status on it. Be honest, it will do.
  4. Smartness is important, but don’t try to be over smart that will ruin everything. If you say to a girl ‘hi hotty’ in your first meeting, then she might feel embarrassed. It is enough to say just ‘hi’.
  5. Try to hangout with local boys and girls. In this way it will be easy for you to communicate with people outside of the virtual media. This is how the girl will also feel comfort.
  6. It is and old trick to ask someone about his/her whatsapp number. It will make your personality lighter to someone. You can ask him/her that you want to talk to her frankly and ask for the number. You can understand the reaction by receiving the reply.
  7. Someone may attract you but don’t do anything that that may annoy him/her. If you don’t get positive reaction on simple hi or hello, then the chance is low. In that case, you cannot change her/ his attitude by sending her SMS continuously. You may be blocked instead.

Finally, we can say that, declare your opinion after couple of conversations if you like someone. It is not wise to propose someone after couple of conversation, just give a hint that you like her. Otherwise she may take you as a permanent friend. And it is difficult to be boyfriend from a friend. Therefore, give her a hint about what is going on in your mind.

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