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6 Ways to Prevent Eye Strain from Screen: Keep Your Eyes Healthy

We usually spend many hours watching the screen. That can be Mobile, Computer or Television. For this reason, we often get many problems in our eyes, shoulder, and hip. So we have to prevent Eye strain from the screen.

Patients are visiting doctors for computer vision syndrome. As a precaution, we can take some steps to overcome these problems to reduce our screen time and rest our eyes. Today I am going to share with you about this topic. Let’s start.

Prevent Eye Strain from Screen

Read books

Recently we are losing our habit of reading books. In this digital era, we are not reading stories, novels and poems as we are keeping us busy with facebook, twitter, online portal etc, so, we can easily reduce our screen time by making habit of reading books. By this, we can rest our eyes and have this nice habit.

If you are not in habit with reading, then you can use kindle or other e book readers. These do not keep pressure on eyes that much like cell phone or computer.

Setup an alarm

Are you a man of work? Do you often forget the time when to rest? If so then you can get rid of this situation easily. Only you need to do is just to set up an alarm. For this purpose, you can use an actual watch, PC alarm clock or smartphone clock.

The clock will remind you when to take rest which can control your life style.

Note down in papers

In our childhood, we saw our parents to take notes in diary. Even now, many of then still have that habit. However, in this digital age we are forgetting the habit that we can write something down in papers as ther are many application present in smart phone or PC to do that work.

Try to write down in papers, which will reduce your screen time. This will also increase your recall memory.

Play some board games

Nowdays we are stuck with PC or mobile games. Playing games with those devices increase our screen time. To overcome this, we can play some board games like chess, Ludo etc. If you can manage physical games, then it will be the best.

Read newspapers and magazines

Nowdays we are considering internet as the only media to acquire knowledge. In fact, you can also have knowledge from newspapers and magazines. Many of us read news from news portal or e-papers. Forget those! Start reading newspapers and magazines. We can reduce our screen time, rest our eyes and increase our knowledge; it’s like three in one, isn’t it?

Track your screen time

You can do one thing. Track your screen time. And try to reduce that time. If your initial screen time in 8 hours per day, then try to reduce it in 5 hours at the end of the month. You will be benefited from this; I can assure you that.

To the end

Eye is one of the most important organs. We often could not realize it. That is why we neglect to take care of our eyes along with other organs properly. So, it is wise to get alert of the situation. I hope that your eyes will have much rest at that practice. However, take care.

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