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How to get more Facebook likes

Many of us use Facebook for communication. Besides communication, we also post articles and upload photos on it. Many times, we give status on various topics. However, we do not get like in every topic all the time. So if you want to get more Facebook likes, follow this post. Now let us see how to get so many likes on our posts and photos.

Right ways to Get more Facebook likes

  • Upload photo with your post. Because posts with pictures go to many people’s homepages.
  • Posts having more than 50 words gets less likes. Small posts get maximum likes and comments.
  • Try to post such way that get higher comments. Such as ask a question. If comments are higher then likes will also be higher because if someone comments on your post, that will go to that person’s friends home pages.
  • Try to reply on the comments that you get on your post.
  • Try to post at the time when most of your friends are active.
  • Post twice or thrice every day. In this way, your friends will receive many posts and you will get many likes.
  • Many people may try to convince you to have auto like. Actually, those are fake. Those fakes could hack your ID and Facebook authority could ban the ID although there are some really likes. Therefore, it is wise not to fall into the trap of auto like.

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