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Alexa Rank: How to Increase Your Alexa Ranking

Alexa rank is very important for a website. Many experts even think that Alexa rank plays an important role to increase google keyword rank. It is further important if you want to earn money by post or advertisement through your website. Because if your rank is high, then no one will be interested to give sponsor posts or advertisements on your website. You may have an advertisement but they will give you poor money. Therefore, we should increase the quality of our website to decrease the rank and thus increase the google rank. Today we will discuss the tips to decrease Alexa rank

What is Alexa rank?

According to the official definition, Alexa rank is how popular is your website compared to others. Alexa gives a rank to all the websites around the globe on the basis of some matrix. You can know about your website ranking position in the world through it.

How Alexa Rank Works?

According to an unofficial source, Alexa ranks over 25 different matrices on a website. But according to Alexa, they give rank over unique visitors and page view each day. And the number one rank gets the website that has maximum unique visitors in the last three months. Alexa gives give two types of ranking, one is national and the other one is international.

Nowadays, the number one is google, number two is YouTube and number three is Facebook. ( So, now you understand how important the rank is. Now let us discuss how to decrease Alexa rank.

How to Increase Alexa rank?

1. Verify your site through Alexa:

“Claim your site on Alexa” is an important step for decreasing Alexa rank. After completing your website, you have to verify that you own the webpage by going to the Alexa website. The processing fee is free. For this, you have to go there and fill-up the form to verify your address.

2. Install Alexa toolbar on your browser:

Through the toolbar named “Master Tech Alexa Rank” you can check the global and country rank and backlink of any website. From an unofficial source, it is informed that Alexa gives good ranking to those who install their tools to their browser and visit with them.

3. Place an Alexa rank widget on your site:

As many visitors to your website do not use the Alexa toolbar, so they cannot track the Alexa rating of your website. To solve the problem, place an Alexa widget on your website to reduce ranking.

4. Try to upload unique and quality content:

Experts think that uploading unique content is a good way to reduce Alexa ranking. Uploading unique content will rank good in the search engine and get good traffic in searching. Quality content will increase the visiting time of your website and they will visit regularly and also share the link of your website. So, with the increase of traffic, the rank will be decreased.

5. Regularly upload content to publish:

To get a good rank in Alexa, regular publication is necessary. This will rank swiftly and get regular visitors.

6. Share your content on social media:

If you share your content with social media, this will increase visitors and reduce increase ranking. This will also be a factor in social signal and Alexa ranking.

7. Make backlink for your site:

The more backlink you have, the more you get search engine rank. This will increase search engine rank and thus good for website ranking.

8. Reduce Site loading time:

User experience and SEO both are important that depend on site loading time. Take steps to reduce site loading time. Users will stay long to your website if the loading time is low and bouncing rate will also be decreased. This is important for search engine and Alexa rankings.

9. Use Alexa pro:

You can buy Alexa’s monthly membership. You will get details about your website and advice to improve your webpage. Besides experts think that Alexa gives good rank to those who are paid users.


So finally, we hope that the above hints will reduce your Alex rank swiftly, if you want to learn more, then ask below in the comment section. We will try to answer the questions. Happy ranking!