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4 Education Trends to keep an Eye on in 2022

As 2020 was of a year of a pandemic, it has changed the landscape of educational institutes in many ways. The crisis of covid-19 brought changes in every field whether it was business, export, import or education. It has affected the life of every single person, even the students studying in schools and universities.

For prevention of corona, everything was supposed to be closed, and when the lockdown got prevailed, the educational institutes have to look for alternatives. Later on, when the heads of Education set together to decide the future of schools and all of them agreed on one mutual decision. And it was to keep this year of schooling online.

2020 is almost coming to an end, and throughout this year, online education was I trend. And it is also being expected that this might continue in 2021. All the institutes were conducting online classes, even the Quran classes in Riyadh were online this time, and it is also being expected that it will continue in 2021 as well.

There are different education trends of 2020 that are going to be a part of 2021 as well. And they include:

Online classes

The first trends that will be on-trend in 2021 as well are online classes. Students will be a part of live sessions where teachers will teach the course. From courses to examination, to the announcement of the result, everything will be online. As education could not be comprised in any case, so if the situation remains the same in 2021, then the trend of online classes will be implemented.

Online classes have brought awareness in people and especially in the lives of students and their parents. Because before this, online courses were not in practice, and zoom meetings were just arranged for business purposes or for attending international conferences and conferences.

And it is essential to take an eye on online classes in 2021. Because it was first time implemented in 2020 at a global level and therefore problems were faced. But with time, people recognized the solutions, and now they can make sure not to encounter them in 2021.

Slide Based Learning

E-learning or slide-based learning will be observed in 2021 because of the covid-19 spread. By slide-based education, it means that the teachers and tutor will teach their students through zoom meeting where the slides of the lecture will be presented to them on screen, and then the class will be delivered.

All the activities will be slide-based even it is something practical or anything from the book of the course. All the educational content will be delivered in the online form via computers, mobile phones or laptops.

Also, the students can interact during the class by asking questions the teacher on the spot. It is going to save the time of both the teacher and the student. The time they spend ongoing and coming back from school will be utilized in doing extra learning. Also, the teachers can work on their lectures more and can prepare themselves well for the class and can tell students the point they miss in physical education. All the information will be shared on the screen of computers and laptops. And in this way, both the students and teachers will be at ease.


Along with course learning, extracurricular activities will also be conducted online to keep the environment of learning exciting and interactive. And this will trend will be seen in 2021 where the additional activities which are not the part of the course but are the part of learning will be conducted.

Activities like debate and speech competition, quizzes and other intellectual activities that boast up the morale of students are a part of education, and they help in the growth of studies. All of these activities were missing in the session of 2020, but the session of 2021 will conduct them. Because nobody knows how long the virus is going to stay so every educational department is shifting to e-learning and they are planning to perform each and everything online.

Also, there is a chance that computer games will be a part of sports in 2021 as physical marks are not possible so different computer games will be a part of ports in the coming year. The sports period which is usually for physical games, will now be a period of computer games in 2021.

Automatic Grading

Online education will be a trend of learning in 2021, and so will be the grading. Now the teachers will put automatic grading because it is going to be difficult for teachers to keep an eye on everybody. In contrast, examination and therefore, automatic grading will be utilized. Where the teacher will not have to go and check like how the student has marked the multiple-choice question as it will be restricted automatically as soon as they submit their paper or assignment. 

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