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10 Best Places to Visit in Saltillo, Mexico

Saltillo serves visitors with a couple of activities to enjoy the city. It is surrounded to the fullest with natural beauty. Today I am going to share about the best places to visit in Saltillo city.

The extreme sports lovers can have their best time. Families with small children of every age and every physical condition can enjoy the options that this destination offers.

San Lorenzo Canyon features walls over 2,000 meters high. Natural Park of the Arteaga Sierra is home to an interesting site for tourism. Mountain chains of abundant vegetation offer the possibility to discover and challenge physical abilities. Las Alazanas canyons is popular in the region for its challenging routes and tracks.

Museo de Los Presidentes Coahuilenses

This museum highlights these figures and drives Coahuilans a lot to want to emulate their predecessors. The museography is very good and very complete. They give you a very pleasant tour where you learn a lot about the history of Mexico and its Coahuilian presidents.

The exhibited material is very good, some are relics. It is a very careful place, clean and they are exceedingly kind. It is free, in truth the patronage has done a great job. In an entertaining way you can know passages of our history.

This is a small museum but not that boring. Excellent theme and exposed material.

Plaza Real Saltillo

It is a nice and comfortable square with enough parking, security, places to eat, many doll machines and also whenever we have gone on a Saturday they have a show for children.

There is a cinema and you find what you are looking for. The weather is nice and the plaza and bathrooms are clean. Nice place full of color in its rooms, many stores with a variety of products. It is not luxury, there are no prestigious brand stores except for Cimaco. 

El Sarape de Saltillo

It is nice to be able to find a place to relax and speak with the locals about the city’s culture and art and help the local economy. Walking around Saltillo is very pleasantly surprising. They have folk art from all over Mexico.

Ask the owner to give you the whole spiel about the building, business, art of sarapes, etc. Very friendly staff. A typical home built around a courtyard.

You will have a great experience learning about the history of weaving the ponchos. Make sure you ask about the sunrise and sunset in the sarape. In addition there are many other locally made items at reasonable prices.

Galerias Saltillo

One of the greatest places to eat and shop in Saltillo. Excellent place to shop, many brands and cheap. There is a food court, several places to drink coffee. They charge for parking. Getting from the hotel to the galleries is very accessible.

If your purpose is to take a leisurely walk, you may not find it here on weekends because it gets crowded. if you find it at times that are not rush hour and you like to have coffee or eat, it may be a good option. There is also Cinemex.

Museo del Desierto

This museum offers live animals, fossil exhibits, educational videos, and natural science facts with a lot of explanations. People of different ages can enjoy a visit to this museum & learn about fossils that are found in Mexico. Climate is moderate.

Many deserts are found around the globe and great exhibits of serpents. Nice collection of cactus and other desert plants are available here. A small collection of live animals wi9ll attract you the most.You will be charmed by the environment and the consequences of human negligence.

Casa Verde

Their Saturday markets are cool. Many vendors set up stalls in the patio, honey, selling soaps, cosmetics, food, compost. It never feels like the vendors are competing. When looking for a specific product, vendors are happy to point out another person’s booth.

You can have locally raised eggs on a regular basis and handmade, artisan soap, made with essential oils. The café is a great place to sit with friends and the tea is excellent. The restaurant in the front room is almost always vegetarian.

Museo del Sarape y Trajes Mexicanos

Sarapes are the symbol of the city. They are quite a symbol for Mexico. The Sarape Museum explains the history of the sarape how it has both Spanish and indigenous roots. The presence of sarapes in popular culture. It includes a well-curated display of sarapes that are 100 years old.

It also offers Mexican traditional dress. It begins showing traditional indigenous dress from groups all over Mexico, mainly from the southern states. Some communities use traditional clothing on a daily basis.

The last group showcases traditional clothing from Coahuila, both indigenous and mestizo. It’s a compact museum that could take up to an hour. It’s possible to cruise through the museum fairly quickly, guilt-free, as the museum is free to the public.

Teatro Hidalgo Restaurante

This is a place with a traditional structure in the center of the city of Saltillo. Very well preserved and restored that creates a pleasant atmosphere. The taste is quite good and rich in flavor but very, very small for the price.

The attention is excellent and the atmosphere is pleasant to go with friends or family. The shows that are presented are very good. The idea of enjoying a delicious dinner and at the same time seeing a monolog or play is great and the prices are more than excellent.

Museo de las Aves

A place with a great variety of bird species. The place has been renovated and with new content, new species and really looks great. You can have a guided tour by volunteer kids. They have a couple of live bird species that will amaze you after the tour.

The displays and information in the museum is really great. There are some great interactive sections with bird songs. Exhibits are both in Spanish and English so it’s a great place if you don’t speak much Spanish. The collections and displays are awesome. It is a must-see in Saltillo.

Up & Down Saltillo

It is a very friendly place for families. It has a public entrance. Apart from the fact that it can be reserved for children’s parties. It has games for all ages. They put a sheetrock and divided the place in two, dividing what is public and private.

They put nets inside so that they didn’t have access to what was left on the other side of the sheetrock. The food competes with international chains.

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