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Are Plastic Containers Safe for Growing Vegetables?

Actually, plastic containers are safe for growing vegetables and also not safe for growing vegetables. For this purpose, to produce vegetables and herbs you have to use food-grade plastic.

Planting in small containers is possible if we keep them on the veranda, balcony or terrace. People commonly use plastic containers for this purpose. The study has shown us that some chemicals from the plastic can leach into food. So We need to grow plants in a safer place. Toxins from pots can enter into the plants via its root system. 

Are plastic containers safe for growing vegetables?

Rising plants in plastic containers are getting popular day by day. There are a lot of varieties in plastics. Many of them are not safe enough for people, animals and the environment. Some chemicals are leached out of plastic. They can be absorbed by the soil or the food and that is a health issue. There is also food-grade good plastic that is safe for growing vegetables.

Protests are going on in many developed countries to grow more natural food for the well being of the people. Having leafy and flowery plants in the garden, home or terrace that grows in the pot looks very attractive. Some people even grow plants in plastic bags by pouring soil.

Plastics are made of some kind of chemicals. Some of them can mix with soil and be absorbed by plants. And thus go into our body if we eat fruits or vegetables from those plants. Having a smaller amount of those elements is not that harmful as it comes to us in a very little amount after being filtered for a couple of times.

The thing to think about is that, varieties of food sources will give us a lot of those harmful elements to make us ill. Besides, some slow poisons show us not that many symptoms and we think that we are healthy. There are no chemicals to digest plastic elements in an animal’s body.

By decreasing the intake of artificial products will keep us free from illness. If possible, we need to use health department-approved plastic pots. Food grade plastics are good for health but they are costly. 

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