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7 killer tips for writing professional SEO friendly articles

SEO friendly article is important for Page rank (PR) and social media marketing. There is various factor to write SEO friendly articles. These articles help to increase traffic on their website.

It is not recommended not to just upload some combination of words. Quality writing is important. Pro SEO article writing services says that you will get a result if you are serious about your job.

Here are 7 secrets to write professional SEO friendly Articles.

Dealing with words

When you post any content to internet, then you have to realize that google is acknowledged by your post. Make a spreadsheet about the words that is commonly used nowadays. Make a record of your used words. To track words, use appropriate tools. This is how you can arrange your words according to ranks.

Utilizing words

Using 2-3% words in your writing is not enough. Use easy words in heading, first and last lines. This will attract readers and search engine crawler. Remember that, when people search for a word, it means that he wants to learn more about it or want to buy a product. That is why you need to give what they need. If you arrange that, the you can have maximum clicks. This is a business tricks of professional SEO article writers.

Write something that people want to know

No one knows better than you about your business and product. That is why you need to write in details on your blog and article. You can also write about any news about your product. If not so then you can choose what type of blog or article you are going to choose by checking your SEO keywords. You can take advise from specialists. If you write about their special features and statements, then you can expect that they will also post your content to their social channels. This is how you can reach to your goal and a vast space.

Try to enlarge your article

If large and new posts are not posted, then it is better to post smaller article that is 100 words long. But search engines prefer larger posts. Try to post in 300 words. But it is better to post larger than 500 words. In many research it is shown that, search engine takes seriously those posts that is larger than 2000 words. Renown blogs of TCF consists of 1500 words.

Web content should be perfect

You can use WordPress as blogging platform. Free online toprols are available nowadays. You can utilize those. In content factory you can use Yoast and Shareaholic to make your content attractive. These free web PR is as easy as like clicking ‘install now’ button.

Editing is necessary

The difference between common SEO article writer and professional writer is that they can edit their writings. OpenOffice, Google Docs and Microsoft Word made this task easy. Presenting the post attractively in very important. Avoid writing long line or large paragraph. This make the content complex.

Become an online PR agent yourself

Your half of the work is done by posting your new article. The next job is to make the article attractive. The last step of every web content writing is to act as a marketer or agent for yourself. Spread your content link to everywhere, add comment and also post your content to social media like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. The overall rank will be increased if the content is seen vastly through google search. Social media management and web content writing work together.

To the end we can say that, you need to analyses your site regularly. Check regularly which SEO contents are working well and which are not. To check the progress always be alert about page views, links, comments (on blog), social share (Facebook likes, share, tweets etc.) and conversion rate.

We hope that the above article will be beneficial to all of you and guide you through your goal.

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