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7 easy ways to earn money online as student

Because of the availability of the Internet it is easy to earn money online as student. Students can find a variety of online jobs and take on them in their spare time to make extra money. Here are 7 of the best ways you can try.

In the following process, students can practice earning money besides study. We hope that the post will be helpful.

In the days of competition, we stopped wasting time. All of us try to utilize our every minute. I regret for those who waste their time on Facebook and other social medias. Because to the end of the day you only gets some rejoice or sadness.

Now I am going to discuss how to use internet positively. This is how you can pass your tome as well as pay the internet bill through online. Now come to the point.

Earning by online game:

Many of us play games in laptop or PC. But do you know that you can earn money by playing online games? You will play games for hours and also earn money. Many companies pay money for playing games.

Earning by writing articles:

Article writing is a good way to earn money online as student. It is very difficult to earn money from freelancing sites. You need to bid and if you win, you will get the job. If you can really write articles, you can earn from Ezine Article site, many sites pay for writing reviews on products or articles.  Review Stream is such a site that pays 2 dollars for reviews and 1 dollar for comment if they are accepted.

Earning by listening to music:

Music is such a media that attracts people of every age. It is difficult to find people who hates music. You can even earn by listening to music. Company will pay you for listening to music. What are you thinking? This will increase their songs popularity and also spread their song to many places. Promosquad and Sonymusic awards are such sites that pay money for listening music.

Earning money by chatting with friends:

You can earn money by chatting with your friends like facebook chatting. You can earn money by chatting in the site like Yuwie and Mylot. You will be paid 0.5 dollar each time if your picture is visited 1000 times.

Earning money by answering questions:

If you know about any specific subject, then that may help others. You can earn money by answering of questions from Yahoo answers. Besides Student Questions and know Brainers also pays for this.

Earning by selling photos:

You can earn by selling photos of nature or any incident. They can be sold in zazzle or shutterstock website.

Earning by typing documents and papers:

If you can type well then you can earn money by writing to many blogs.

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