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Visitors leaving: 6 reasons why visitors leave your website

Visitors leaving quickly for some of the reasons. In their subconscious mind they decide whether they will stay or not in this site. If the visitor’s interest is not considered, then he may leave. There are six reasons that make visitors leave.

Why users leave a website?

Not being mobile-friendly

As the bounce rate is increased through mobile, the rate of searching in increasing. If the site is not mobile-friendly, then the user returns to google search after clicking the search site. Therefore, bounce rate increases. Make your website mobile-friendly to lower down the bounce rate. Also make the front, hyperlink, page navigation mobile friendly.

Effect of unrelated headline

Attractive but unrelated (If the content does not match with the title) title may increase traffic but it also increases bounce rate. Traffic will lose faith on the site and visitors will decrease. Sharing to social media will also decrease.

Excessive popups

If your homepage possesses a lot of popups, then that will annoy users. There may be e-mail signup popup but that must have a close button to its corner. Think yourself as a user, after entering into a website if you are attacked by many popups then it will annoy you.

Effect of less informative and messy article

To read web page fluently in a short time, well organized and informative article is necessary. Remember that a well and informative article will hold up a user for a long time.

Effect of relatively slow site

If the site is slow, then it will reduce the conversion rate and many of the users will leave the site before it is fully loaded. Page loading is very important. About 40% of the visitors leaving a website if the loading time is more than 3 seconds. So, the site will lose its rank in google if the site is slow.

Web hosting is a large factor for loading slow website. If your site is made by WordPress so you have to use WordPress hosting for better performance.

Effect of unattractive pictures

Think of books that read well. It feels comfortable to read a book with cool pictures. The same happens in the case of a website, Nice, clear and appropriate pictures attract users. It helps users to return to that page again.

SEO or search engine marketing is directly related to the above issues. The pages that do not attract users is not suitable for SEO. Therefore, pay attention to site designing.

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