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10 Best off page SEO tips for increasing website visitors

SEO is important to increase visitors on blogs or websites.  Many of us are not familiar with this. There are two types of SEO, on page and off page SEO. Both are required for a complete SEO of your blog. Neglecting one may lose many visitors.

1. Use social networking site

Social networking site is very important to increase visitors. You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Create some good profile and arrange them in good manner for those sites. Engage in good relation with other bloggers. Try to get opinions of others. Share new links of new posts of your blog.

2. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is important for increasing visitors by back link and SEO. You can easily increase keyword rank of your blog by back link. Find some similar blog that matches with and who’s ranking is good you through search engine and regularly comment on those. Try to comment positively to be approved and avoid spamming.

3. Directory submission

Directory submission is important nowadays. Make sure that Those directories have good ranking and domain authority. Make individual meta description and meta keyword and description for each directory. This is how your link will be approved and search engines will easily find you.

4. Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another good way to increase visitors. You can have quality back link and many referral visitors through it. Register on some good quality social media and try to share each post.

5. Forum posting

It is an old technique abut effective. Backlinks can be obtained through forum post and signature. Many think that it is taken as spam, but if you participate regularly and answer positively, then those links and signatures will not be taken as spam.

6. Article directory submission

It is also an ole technique but effective once it is used carefully. You can have good quality backlinks and referral visitors.

7. Guest posting

It may be difficult for the beginners but very effective. Make sure that your post matches with that specific post in the blog where you are guest.

8. RSS feed directory submission

It is a good source to have good quality back links. Find some Good ranked feed directory through search engine and place your blog feed links there. When you post anything to your blog, the feed directory will automatically show your post in their directory.

9. Link exchange

It is also a good old off page technique that is still effective if utilized properly. There are some third party sites by which you can exchange links of blog or site. Make sure that the blog or site matches with your blog or site.

10. Video marketing

Video marketing is a famous off page technique by which you can increase visitors through search engine. Make some videos that matches with your blog or site and share those in YouTube or Vimeo or other video sharing sites. You can have good quality backlinks and visitors through it.

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